Part 2 of an investigative series examining the prosecutorial misconduct of Dan Kasaris
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Rhodes killed Luke Stewart in 2017 while on patrol in Euclid. According to new information, he should have been removed from service or gone through…
Part 1: Kelly Patrick was injured by her husband John Patrick in 2009. Kelly called the police, John called his brother: Cuyahoga county prosecutor Dan…
Exclusive coverage of Euclid's latest hostile action against its Black citizens
Randy Knight and Patrick Sullivan tell their stories of discovering Loehmann's identity, objecting to management, and eventually being pushed off the…
July 11, 2020 — Lyndhurst, Ohio
Live from Tony Viola's living room, a coalition of activists and victims of prosecutorial abuse share new information about Kasaris and the endemic…
My latest report covers this incident and several other problems with the ECPD related to this leaked footage.
Earlier this week I interviewed Philip Fairbanks, author of a new book that contains critical details omitted from the recently released Netflix film.
A deep-dive into McDonald's history, analysis of body camera footage from the shooting, and local activists' reactions