The Skeletons in Ohio Assistant Attorney General Dan Kasaris' Closet

Part 1: Kelly Patrick was injured by her husband John Patrick in 2009. Kelly called the police, John called his brother: Cuyahoga county prosecutor Dan Kasaris.

This is part one of a series of twisted tales of prosecutorial misconduct allegations against Ohio Assistant State Attorney General Dan  Kasaris, which go back at least a dozen years, to his time as Cuyahoga  county prosecutor.  

On January 20th, 2021, a story was posted to the People’s Archive of  Police Violence in Cleveland, an organization I work with as a technical  consultant and web developer. It was written by a woman named Kelly  Patrick, simply titled: “Prosecutorial Misconduct”, and summarized as  follows: 

Victim of spousal assault describes prosecutor abandoning her case  because the perpetrator was the brother of the prosecutor.

An administrator of the Archive put me in touch with Kelly after following up with her and learning that the prosecutor in question was Dan Kasaris.

This was significant to the archive administrators and myself because less than a month prior I had conducted an interview for them with Emanuel Franklin, father of Desmond Franklin, who was shot and killed by off-duty Cleveland police officer Jose Garcia. Dan Kasaris was the special prosecutor assigned to present the investigation into Garcia’s actions to the grand jury, who ultimately declined to bring any charges.

This compounded the already disturbing nature of Kelly’s allegations, and begged the question: If Dan Kasaris was willing to cover up a crime to protect a family member, would he be equally willing to cover up other crimes?

Dan Kasaris has gone on to have a very successful career. Not only is he the assistant state attorney general, but he is currently running for the Ward 6 city council seat in North Royalton, Ohio.

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