Exclusive coverage of Euclid's latest hostile action against its Black citizens
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The final campaign update is coming tomorrow, but today I just wanted to share this heart wrenching story about the Euclid Police from a State of Injus…
Episode 2 trailer and premiere event this Friday. Plus disturbing news about an officer we already had disturbing news to report about in episode 3
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“An unflinching, episodic look at the systemic abuses plaguing Ohio police”
Randy Knight and Patrick Sullivan tell their stories of discovering Loehmann's identity, objecting to management, and eventually being pushed off the t…
My latest report covers this incident and several other problems with the ECPD related to this leaked footage.
Rhodes killed Luke Stewart in 2017 while on patrol in Euclid. According to new information, he should have been removed from service or gone through re…
July 11, 2020 — Lyndhurst, Ohio
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