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Earlier this week I interviewed Philip Fairbanks, author of a new book that contains critical details omitted from the recently released Netflix film.

July 2022

Jayland Walker Protest this Saturday • Podcasts • Story Updates: Kasaris, East Cleveland • New Stories • Fighting Burnout and Playing Music

February 2022

BZ Listening | Episode 76

December 2021

Live from Tony Viola's living room, a coalition of activists and victims of prosecutorial abuse share new information about Kasaris and the endemic…

November 2021

Part 2 of an investigative series examining the prosecutorial misconduct of Dan Kasaris
Part 1: Kelly Patrick was injured by her husband John Patrick in 2009. Kelly called the police, John called his brother: Cuyahoga county prosecutor Dan…

October 2021

70. Getting to know BLM ClevelandÉcoutez maintenant (66 min) |
68. Monday with Mariah: Chasing Justice in East ClevelandÉcoutez maintenant (105 min) |
67. Believe in Ghost!Écoutez maintenant (82 min) |
A deep-dive into McDonald's history, analysis of body camera footage from the shooting, and local activists' reactions

July 2021

66. Debunking Shontel Brown's Stump Speech with Dr Richard MontgomeryÉcoutez maintenant (59 min) |