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66. Debunking Shontel Brown's Stump Speech with Dr Richard Montgomery

66. Debunking Shontel Brown's Stump Speech with Dr Richard Montgomery

I covered a Shontel Brown campaign event this weekend, and captured her having a "Please Clap" moment all her own.

(This audio is from the YouTube report, which provides more detail, but functions perfectly as a podcast.

Joining me is Dr. Richard Montgomery, who shares his reactions to Shontel Brown's stump speech.

Dr. Montgomery former mayoral candidate for the city of Euclid, as well as an activist who follows Cuyahoga county politics very closely.  

I was first referred to Dr. Montgomery while working on the documentary series State of Injustice, about the systemic abuses of the Euclid Police Department, and the failures of that city’s mayor and city council to hold them accountable.






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