Jun 26, 2020 • 52M

52. Kareem Henton - Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Cleveland

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Brian "BZ" Douglas
Brian "BZ" Douglas is an independent journalist based outside Cleveland, Ohio. On this show he sits down to talk with grassroots performers, activists, journalists, authors, or persons of interest in stories he's covering. All songs included with permission from the artists. Support BZ's work on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/bzdug
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Kareem Henton joins me today to discuss what first roused him to activism, how BLM functions as an organization nationally and locally, and what his greatest hopes and fears are for the outcome of this national protest movement.

A lot has happened since my last episode. Let’s see: Bernie dropped out, a global pandemic broke out, which caused the economy to fall off a cliff, a national uprising against the police is in full swing, and on a personal note, as of last Friday I am officially a published journalist. For the story behind that story, check out my interview with Brent Lengel on his YouTube channel.


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