Apr 29, 2019 • 1HR 32M

20. XE La Soul - Jung Punk Musician

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Brian "BZ" Douglas
Brian "BZ" Douglas is an independent journalist based outside Cleveland, Ohio. On this show he sits down to talk with grassroots performers, activists, journalists, authors, or persons of interest in stories he's covering. All songs included with permission from the artists. Support BZ's work on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/bzdug
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My guest today is Alexander Alvarez, aka XE La SOL. Alex is a man who has a very pure and complicated relationship with music and the world, and one of the most beautiful hearts and minds I’ve had the privileged to watch unfold on this show.

You can listen to the episode and find links to Xela’s projects at http://bzdug.com/podcast/xela

One of the questions I ask every guest is “What is your measure of success?”

It was after talking with Xela, that I realized my own answer, which is that I’ve already succeeded because I have chosen to make music and support others who do.

That’s the sort of truth that bubbled up in my brain after four hours chatting with today’s guest.  So I’ve decided to break his interview up into two parts. Today is part one, and next Monday come back for part two.

You can find links to Xela’s projects at http://bzdug.com/podcast/xela