The State of State of Injustice (Week 2)

Episode 2 trailer and premiere event this Friday. Plus disturbing news about an officer we already had disturbing news to report about in episode 3

Episode 2 Trailer & Premiere Event

Subscribers to this mailing list should have received an invitation to the Episode 2 Screening event this Friday at 7pm (or two, thanks to my mismanagement of Eventbrite’s mailer). The full episode will be available the following day at

Today we released the trailer for episode 2, “Landscape of Brutality”, which requires all the content & trigger warnings for police violence.

The response to this event so far has been incredibly encouraging based on RSVPs and word of mouth. Our Revolution (OR) and Cleveland DSA both agreed to promote the event to their membership. OR even played our trailer prior to a movie screening they hosted last Friday.

The second episode will premiere via livestream at 7pm on March 12th, the eve of the four-year anniversary of Luke's killing. Register for this event to receive links to watch the screening and participate in the Q&A.

Following a screening of both episodes will be a panel discussion moderated by LaTonya Goldsby, co-founder of BLM Cleveland, featuring myself the following guests:

  • Terra Stewart - Luke's sister

  • Jocelyn Smith - Luke's cousin

  • Arianna Smith - Jocelyn's daughter

  • Kareem Henton - Co-founder BLM Cleveland, Executive Producer

  • Sarah Gelsomino - Stewart Family Attorney with Friedman, Gilbert + Gerhardstein

I hope you will join us for what will be surely be a powerful discussion.

Latest News: Euclid Officer Don Ivory arrested on multiple counts, including sexual assault of a minor

Officer Don Ivory already appears in our forthcoming third episode as he was previously charged with domestic violence, was fired, but got his job back through binding arbitration.

Despite his dodgy record, the Euclid P.D. decided to include him on their YouTube channel, as part of their "books with badges" program. With him (I kid you not) reading a children's book on camera.

Now he's charged with the attempted rape of a 13 year old. The dark well of Euclid police culture gets uglier and uglier the closer you look. A day after the news broke, EPD deleted Ivory’s video from their channel. Too bad for them we saved a copy.

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That’s all the news for now, looking forward to next week’s post-premiere report!

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