State of Injustice: Final Push

Only three days remain in our pilot season crowd-funding campaign!

I’ve never been so proud of anything I’ve created (with the exception of my two boys). This project has given me the opportunity to take skills I honed in the cubicle coal mines of advertising agencies, working on some of the worst corporate clients you can imagine, and apply them towards something truly meaningful.

This project was started at the request of the family of Luke Stewart, the young man whose death we investigate closely in episode one. They asked BLM Cleveland for help in getting Luke’s story out to more people. I cannot tell you how honored I am to have been selected to bring this project to fruition. It’s a real “living the dream” moment.

Whether or not our crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal, the Stewart family and other citizens of Euclid have expressed their appreciation for what we’ve done. That alone makes this endeavor a success in my book.

If you haven’t yet, we hope you will invite your friends and family to watch the series and join in supporting independent, grassroots-driven journalism. Click here for a LinkTree with everything worth sharing about the series in one easy location.

Spread the Word: Last Day Stream-a-Thon

We will be livestreaming from 9am-9pm on the final day of the campaign: Wednesday, March 24th.

At the top of every hour we will alternate screening episodes 1 and 2. The rest of the time will be filled discussions with activists, policymakers, and candidates about police reform and accountability. We’ll be announcing the full schedule for the stream as soon as possible, but we can promise it’s going to be spectacular.

In the News

Scene breaks the story

A huge thank you to Sam Allard of Cleveland Scene for being the first local reporter to cover the launch of our series.

Outstanding Coverage from

Olivia Mitchell delivered a thorough and compelling write up of the series, featuring interviews with BLM Cleveland co-founder Kareem Henton, Sara Gelsomino, attorney for the Stewart family, and our lead investigator BZ Douglas.

Podcast and Radio Appearances

Last week Roger Hill appeared on WCRS with Bob Fitrakis of the Columbus Free Press. The two kick off the interview reminiscing a bit about Hill’s documentary about voter suppression in Ohio in the 2004 presidential election.

On Friday, BZ Douglas’ interview on The Opperman report was released on and AM stations around the country.

In Case You Missed It:
Episode 2 Premiere Panel Discussion Highlights

Moderated by LaTonya Goldsby, president of BLM Cleveland.


  • Terra Stewart - Luke's sister

  • Jocelyn Smith - Luke's cousin

  • BZ Douglas - Lead Investigator, Producer

  • Kareem Henton - Co-founder BLM Cleveland, Executive Producer

  • Jacqueline Greene - Stewart Family Attorney with Friedman, Gilbert + Gerhardstein

  • Christopher McNeal - Attorney for Richard Hubbard III

We are 100% Grassroots Funded.

BLM Cleveland is not backing this project financially. In fact they will be receiving 10% of every contribution to this project.

Co-founder Kareem Henton set this project in motion at the request of the Stewart family. BLM Cleveland provides us with contacts, context, and credibility with sources, and they are willing to soliciting donations on our behalf and amplify our work.

BLM Cleveland recently joined Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir Rice, and many other local BLM chapters criticizing the BLM Global Network for taking in millions of donations that never reached local chapters—the boots on the ground.

We feel it’s important to amplify BLM Cleveland’s recent efforts to distinguish themselves from less credible chapters and individuals, and remind everyone contributing to this project that there are no secret deep pockets we are relying on.