My Journey Into Journalism

Why I am doing this, and how I plan to do it.

As of 10:21 am today I am officially a published investigative journalist!

When I first got the scent of this story, I spent several days reaching out to every journalist I knew to see if they'd want to take this on. They all agreed that I had good instincts, should keep digging, and that there's definitely a story, but they were all too busy. After a certain point, several of them told me that I was the best person to write the story, and so I did!

My posture as a journalist will be aligned with grassroots-driven movements focused on racial, social, and economic justice. Throughout the course of investigating this story, I have been open about my biases and motives with my sources. This approach was the reason I was able to build trust with the people who provided me the information necessary to write this story. 

So I'm fair and biased, if you can follow that.

Exposing opportunists and clout seekers trying to get in front of this movement, and  take energy and focus away from organizations like BLMCle is important work that needs to be done. This is not just a salacious "gotcha" story to me, but necessary to allow the movement to have an authentic voice.

It's been strange giving into the feeling that I have found my calling and an unrealized dream, but I'm getting used to loving it.